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Tirza’s just entered a contest and shared her writing on sustainability, the intersection of technology (including social media) and people networks. We hope you’ll check it out, and while you’re there, please take an extra 1 minute to vote for this blog post! This could get Tirza to Amsterdam to cover the GRI sustainability and transparency conference!

Please read and vote here: http://ow.ly/1KUF3

Comments at that link are welcome also!

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The bummer about reality is you can’t be in all places at all times (at least, for most of us). But thanks to some internet goodie, we can at least get more info and stories about what we missed!

Wanna see what’s going on here? Check out the Flickr photos tagged with ploneconf2008 . If you are uploading your pics from the conference (or other media, blogs, etc), please use the tag ploneconf2008 so we can connect the dots!

Lukes pic from 10% manifesto (reproduced with permission)

Spliter's pic from 10% manifesto

I am grateful to see some pics – spliter (Denis) caught this pic of a panel I was on on the “10% manifesto” about how companies can contribute to Plone. Good thing we figured out what we were going to talk about with some quality beer first.

For those watching on planet.plone.org or just interested in more about the specific content, have a look at Mark from Zest Software‘s live blogging entries on the Plone conference. Thanks to Mark I was able to learn about what I missed while I was talking, like Joel’s presentation on intranets. Hopefully presenters will be uploading their talks and tagging on slideshare.net –> see ploneconf sessions on slideshare.

You can see in the technorati list of blog posts tagged with ploneconf2008 that we are up to 11 posts currently. Notably there we have a few posts on CMSWire by JoAnna, including live blogging about Cris Ewing’s talk, We All Stand Together, and Mike Robinson (aka Martin’s boss) on what makes a great team (and a dive into agile!). On a related note, Gerry from ifPeople will be giving a talk on agile and scrum in the last slot of the conference (ie today!).

Not quite what we got with the concerted and organized efforts of Christian Scholtz (aka MrTopf) last year, but not bad considering the connectivity difficulties for the first day.

In case you didn’t notice, if you are posting stuff, we would really like you to tag it with ploneconf2008! Include a license from Creative Commons to make it even easier to share.

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