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Salesforce.com is offering a limited time discount to sign up all your employees with Enterprise Edition licenses for only $20/m! Check it out here

Nonprofits can get 10 licenses for free and then 80% off after that ($30/m). B Corporations can get 80% off for all licenses. If you don’t fall into either of those categories, this is a great offer to jump at!!

If you need more info about getting nonprofit of B Corporation discounts, just contact us.

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Just found out that, via TechSoup Stock (store for nonprofit offers of discounted technology goodies), nonprofits can get an ESRI ArcView GIS product (one license) for $175 — about 90% off retail! That’s a great deal if you have the need for some heavy-lifting GIS tools (note: not for mere tinkering, this is a complex product).
Check out the offer here.

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