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Small businesses must manage a number of costs in order to keep their operations running smoothly, many of which are linked to energy.  With energy sometimes eating up to 20% of a business’s revenue, being energy efficient isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your finances as well. Now, small businesses in Gerogia can maximize both energy and financial efficiency through the Georgia Green Loans Save and Sustain program.

Save and Sustain is a new program that helps small businesses embrace sustainable practices by “greenovating” their offices. It’s geared towards businesses with under 500 employees and is one of several energy renewal initiatives that funded by the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. It offers up to 75% discounts on commercial energy assessments as well as calculations on the return on investment and cost savings from the outfitting. It also provides low interest loans for making business equipment more energy efficient.

Save and Sustain isn’t just about helping out a few small companies -it’s a program that empowers companies to embrace new opportunities for a more sustainable Georgia. Taking part will not only help your company, but will help the business community at large be more conscious of their responsibility to people and planet. If your business is interested in the Save and Sustain program you can contact VP of Programs, Matthew Ryder at ryder@georgiagreenloans.org.


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