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The Edelman Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding contest is awarding the nonprofit organization with the best brand presence two national advertisements in USA Today, and BLab is up for the running!If you get your votes in by midnight tonight, you’ll help  BLab get exposure to 3.3 million readers who will learn why it’s important to have B Corporations be part of our economy.

ifPeople’s support of BLab comes from being a B-Corporation ourselves.We have seen the benefit of being part of a community of like-minded companies who are deeply committed to using their business to support social objectives as fervently as financial ones. With 377 BCorps and counting, BLab isn’t just building a network of social entrepreneurs nationally, they are also providing tools to social businesses that help them become more competitive, more profitable, and more successful.

BCorps secure immense savings on products that are central to making a business run smoothly. Through discounts on systems like Salesforce or Inspire Commerce BLab has helped companies save $1million annually. They also give BCorps an edge in recruiting since some of the top business schools in the country offer loan forgiveness to MBAs who work for a BCorp upon graduation.

Lastly, BLab has built a brand that truly sets their businesses apart from a company that occaisionally dabbles in corporate social responsibility when they need good PR. BLab is a brand that encourages the public to hold business to a higher social standard and makes business owners accountable for their responsibility to their communities and environment.BLab’s brand has the power to propel us past greenwashers and instead, build a legion of companies who are fundamentally committed to building a thriving social economy.

Now if that’s not a good reason to vote for BLab I’m not sure what is. Get your vote in today!

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Want to work at an exciting company and make the world a better place? Check out our current openings, which include a full time CRM Consultant for our Atlanta office as well as interns in the area of Communications, Marketing and Web Development. More info at http://www.ifpeople.net/about/work

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ifPeople is formalizing more of its green practices and we’re glad to have our team part of this push. Earlier this year, we announced our certification as a B Corporation. This week, we are sharing the news that we joined the Clean Air Campaign‘s partnership program.

ifPeople is a Silver level Partner with CAC (check us out on the partner page!). We’ve got several programs in place, from Work from Home days once a week to logging clean commutes to win prizes on a monthly basis. For us, it was a pretty easy step – we leverage the Internet for collaboration day in and day out – and teleworking is something made possible by the technologies we use. It’s also really cool to see 3 bikes in the parking lot on several days!

For remote collaboration, we love – and live in – the cloud! We use Plone for intranet and collaborating with clients (document sharing, global view on projects, etc) and a web-based tool for project management we created called Agilito. We also use Dropbox (internal file sharing – slick interface and free!), instant messaging and knowledge sharing tools like Diigo. One of the best features of the Internet-based business…on work from home day, we take our phones home, plug them in, and then it’s business as usual! That’s thanks to VoIP, for those of you not familiar with the technology – the phone gets plugged into the Internet (not the phone company’s copper).

We’re working on some clean commute data (the system is down right now…) and also keep exploring ways to green the company. If you’ve got ideas, feel free to share in the comments!

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