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I saw two pieces of news today about using Salesforce.com for mobile devices.  The first item that I saw was a notice on the Force.com blog about patches that were released for Salesforce.com for Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

The second item came from Jeff Douglas’s blog and featured a little demonstration on how to use Adobe Flash Builder for Force.com to create Salesforce.com apps for Android.  This is great news for any Android users, since the Android platform is a bit of a wasteland right now when it comes to Salesforce apps.  The video on the blog post linked above will give you a taste of what might be coming for Android in the near future.

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If you’re a salesforce.com user and you just bought a new iPhone, you’re in luck. Salesforce specifically updated its mobile application for Apple’s latest. Notable improvements include:

  • Cut, copy, and paste text from emails and text messages directly into Salesforce.
  • Create identical records with clone button.
  • Manage events with date-indexed view and calendar-like interface.
  • Find information with custom filters on any list of data.
  • Convert a lead when user hangs up the phone.

(If you’re a Blackberry user, these features probably sound familiar. That’s because many of them have been available on the Salesforce Blackberry app for months. Nice to see Apple finally caught up!)

Get information on all of Salesforce’s mobile offerings here.

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