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NTEN’s National Technology Conference 2011 is gearing up for another robust showcase of all things tech in the nonprofit world. NTC 2011 will take place in Washington D.C. on March 17-19, 2011 and as always, will feature sessions from tech companies and organizations throughout the country who are chosen by you! It’s voting time again, and we would love for your support in the following sessions we proposed. We’re on a quest to share our knowledge and this is a great venue to reach many people and our session proposals for NTC range from strategy to innovations to downright fun!   Below are the sessions we have submitted. By following the link you will be able to give the session a ranking. More high ranks = more chance that it gets accepted!

  • Salesforce + CMS Integration Showdown: Plone, Drupal, and Joomla- With the rapid increase in Salesforce use by nonprofit organizations, integration has become vital. One question we often get is – what website tools integrate best with Salesforce? We’ve decided to bare all in a battle of the most common nonprofit Content Management Systems. We’ll feature the open source tools Plone, Drupal, and Joomla in a rapid-paced, information packed session to help you decide! It will be fun, exciting and concise!
  • Unleash Your Fundraising Potential: Marketing Automation for Nonprofits Is your fundraising success limited by the number of touches you can have with each potential donor? Learn to cultivate relationships to a transaction with marketing. Marketing automation is a way to convert more people to donors that can effectively grow your staff’s capacity (without adding to head count) while increasing your effectiveness. In this session we will introduce the importance of integrating marketing and fundraising and show how you can use marketing automation.
  • 25 Ways to Improve Your Communications Capacity.
    The shear quantity and frequency of communications that most organization seek to produce has increased dramatically. Whether its blogs, tweets, commenting, web site updates, collaborations, cross posting, press releases, or good old print brochures. To stay abreast your organization needs to maximize its capacity for communication. At a time when there is no way you are hiring additional staff, that means making the staff you have as efficient and effective as possible. This session introduces 25 ways to use your existing resources to make the most of your communications.
    Implementing new technology project is always a process of organizational change. But it doesn’t have to be painful! You can take the opportunity to improve your strategy and operations while increasing your teams capacity for learning and adaptation. This session will cover how to approach a technology project with the impact on the organization in mind, how to develop requirements in an inclusive way, and how to manage change within your organization as you implement the system.

Show your support by giving your voting for your favorite sessions!

If you have suggestions for other topics you’d like us to share on, please leave a comment!

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ifPeople has 2 nonprofit events coming up this Thursday (Feb 25). Be sure to sign up and join us!

Online Fundraising webinar: did you know that online giving has grown, even in the tough economy? Learn about how to take advantage of opportunities to raise money online. Sign up for the webinar, which takes place 11am on Thursday (Feb 25)

Nonprofit Technology Conference Pre-party: Join us to celebrate with local Atlanta nonprofit technologists! You’ll have a chance to learn more about the best nonprofit tech conference (coming to Atlanta in April) and hear some previews of great talks, including ifPeople’s Tirza Hollenhorst, speaking on 25 ways to increase your communications capacity. More info and sign up here.

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Struggling to figure out social media? Got a network question? Need some tips on fundraising tools? Want a crash course in multimedia for your nonprofit? Now’s your chance to get tech help thanks the the NTC Day of Service!

NTEN is coming to Atlanta! And with it, the whole crew of awesome nonprofit techie folks. A visionary program that NTEN put together as part of its conference is the Day of Service, where conference attendees volunteer their time to help meet the tech needs of local organizations. So mark your calendars for April 8, 2010!

ifPeople is delighted to be a partner in the 2010 NTC DoS. Our role includes getting the word out – can you help? It’s really an unbelieveable deal, so shouldn’t be a hard thing to get people signed up for (we’ve only got 60 spots now!). You get:

  • 3 hrs with a tech consultant helping you with your burning need
  • Free membership in NTEN for a year (including all the great webinars and other goodies that members get)
  • Discounted admission to the NTC conference (an amazing place to learn!)

If you’re a nonprofit, clear April 8, 2010 and fill out the survey to get qualified!

I can’t believe how good a deal this is. If you’re a Nonprofit in Georgia, please consider signing up to receive this help and be a part of an amazing event! If you know nonprofits in Georgia, pass on the word! We’ve still got space and we want the best orgs there to get this benefit locally!

More info:

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As many of you are aware, the highly anticipated NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference is being held April 8 – 10. 2009, in Atlanta, home of ifPeople HQ.

To engage the nonprofit community, NTEN has made all session proposals public and has invited people like you to vote on your favorites. This is a great opportunity to let your voice be heard and help influence what’s going to be an informative and inspiring conference for non-profits and consultants alike.

ifPeople has proposed several sessions. Click on the links below to read more what we’re proposing — and don’t forget to vote as well!

An Open Civic Engagement Platform: Empowering Nonprofit Communications with Mature Stable Solutions

An Open Source Approach to Collaboration: Sustainable, Inner-Organizational Collaboration

25 Ways to Increase Your Org’s Communication Capacity: Accomplishing More Without More Staff

Or get a full listing of all the proposals and vote on your favorites.

Hurry! Voting ends this Friday.

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For nonprofits, conferences represent terrific opportunities to network with other organizations, learn about new resources, and get insight from renowned experts. But with the economy in the dumps, it’s difficult for budget-tight orgs to foot the bill for travel expenses and registration fees.

Thankfully, the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) has come up with a solution (to the travel problem, at least). The organization is hosting a 2-day event entirely online on September 16 to September 17. Called NTEN: Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission, the conference is based on the NTEN book of the same name, teaching nonprofit leaders strategic approaches to navigating the often overwhelming world np tech.

What makes this conference especially interesting is that NTEN has taken pains to make sure that attendees get the same networking opportunities they would at an in-person event. NTEN plans to create an online community around the conference, allowing attendees to ask speakers questions and network in an interactive learning environment. NTEN will also record and archive all sessions, giving attendees the ability to re-watch their favorite speakers.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty good deal. We’re attending, so if you can’t make it, we’ll let you know what happens.

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The NTEN Nonprofit Tech Conference, held in San Francisco, Apr 26-28, was fertile ground for launching new reports for the sector. Here’s an overview of reports you should be aware of:

  • Nonprofit use of social media: The Nonprofit Social Network Survey report compiles the experiences of ~!,000 organizations in social media. The report shows that the sector’s uptake of these tools is growing quickly and receiving real resources, though it is a new process and relatively little revenue is being generated this way.Get report here.
  • Nonprofit websites: The 2009 NonProfit Website Study: Building Donations and Loyalty Through the Web Channel was the first study of constituent satisfaction with nonprofit websites by Foresee Results. According to the report, the nonprofit sector is lagging other industries in site visitor satisfaction. And that’s important because if you make your site visitor happy, it greatly increases their chances of donating, volunteering, returning, etc. The most important things to make them happy? Functionality and how your organization’s image are represented (we’ve got a fair bit of experience in handling both those at ifPeople – check out some case studies). Check out the report here.
  • Donor management software: The folks at Idealware released yet another great report! This one, A Consumer’s Guide to Low Cost Donor Management Software,  is on affordable donor management systems (everything under $4k for the first year). They evaluated systems on 127 criteria and provide guidance on choosing systems for different types of organizations and helping you understand what these tools do. Get the report here and find the full analysis here.

I think there’s actually one, if not two, more reports (incluing one from a session I attended), but I’m still trying to match up paper notes with info I can link you to online. More soon…

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In case you haven’t heard, the NTC, put on by the amazing folks at the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) was a raging success. With over 30% growth in attendence over last year, the organizers had to reorganize the space a couple times to be able to accommodate as many as possible. So what made it so hot? Well, in part, it’s kinda the only game in town that can address technology in the nonprofit on a comprehensive scale. And what’s more, NTEN does a smashing job at community organizing – it isn’t just a fly-in-and-out kinda event, it’s more like family.

Soft stuff aside, you say, what was hot on the technology front? Here’s a couple things I thought were innovative technology and knowledge showcased at the conference:

  • SMS text-based evaluations: rather than the typical carpeting of colored papers with rating scales and comment boxes, NTEN went paperless for session evaluations. To fill out an evaluation, all you did was text a code for the session to a number and then you were walked through a process to fill out evaluation. Not sure what overall uptake on this system was (last I heard was half way through event and about 400 had been filled out). I found it hard to have the info I need (ie code and number) when I had a spare moment to fill it out. Sweet idea though!
  • Google Moderator: Not revolutionary – and occassionally annoying (ie having to lug around laptop, finding working wifi, remember the address, log in…), but still a cool way to promote collaborative dialog/questions between an audience and speaker. We used it in our session (~60 people) and it was even used in the keynotes (1,000+ people).
  • Twitter everywhere! We were trending in Twitter for the #09ntc and there was an overwhelming amount of traffic and conversation! Was great to watch people from beginner-level Twitter through very experienced rockin during the conference (those without computers could jump on one of many laptop workstations around the conference).  You can follow me here 🙂
  • The Social Actions folks (an in particular @engagejoe) ran an awesome campaign that climaxed during NTC. Here’s the scoop: Social Actions has an API to all the big volunteer sites around the web (wicked!). They had a contest to give away $10k to the coolest app created that leverage their API. They got some amazing entries! Have a look at the 24 finalists here. Very cool stuff! Highlights include CauseSense, which replaces Google Ads with volunteer opportunities and the Take Action button (but it with your content and watch it suggest actions!). Nice job everyone – go crowdsourcing for a cause!

Clearly that’s not all, but that’s a taste. I’ll be going through notes a bit more thoroughly soon, so expect some more posts, including one on Eben Moglen’s talk!

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Sunday, April 26 starts the NTEN extravaganza in San Francisco. 1,400 people for this nonprofit technology event! Here’s a couple tidbits you should know to get more out of it (whether you are here or not) and also where I will be.

1. The “Science Fair” (aka trade show) is open to the public! Please join us, Sunday, 3-7pm!

2. Live streaming: several sessions are being shown live. Check out options here (also info on twitter feed, live blogging and more)

3. Places I’ll be at:

  • Volunteer Day of Service, Sunday, 8-11am
  • Plone booth at the Science Fair (next to Idealware, authors of the open source CMS comparison report).
  • An Open Engagement Platform, Monday, 1:30-3pm, talk on Plone+salesforce.com+friends. More info

Hope to see you at NTC!

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Later this month will be the largest nonprofit technology convergence in the country, the NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference. This year’s event is held in San Francisco, CA April 26-28. Last I heard it was already over 1100 attendees and approaching sold out!

I’m excited to be sharing some of the work and technologies ifPeople has been using at this year’s conference! I’m giving a session jointly with Jon Stahl and Steve Andersen of One/Northwest. Here’s what we will be talking about:

An Open Civic Engagement Platform: Plone, Salesforce and Friends

A quiet revolution is happening in how software is built and delivered. No, we’re not talking about “Web 2.0”, but about a more profound change towards software that is built from the ground up to talk to other software. The world is moving strongly towards “Open APIs,” and software systems that are flexible enough to accommodate both for-profit and nonprofit needs. A new breed of software is emerging from this sea of innovation: an “Open Civic Engagement Platform” that knits together low-cost, high-quality solutions for content management, email broadcasting, relationship management, online activism, e-commerce and more. Key players in this new software ecosystem include:

* Salesforce.com and their game-changing software + services donation program

* Plone, a powerful and user-friendly open-source content management system

* Salsa/Democracy In Action, an online advocacy and donation system

* Vertical Response: a powerful email broadcasting tool In this workshop, we’ll explain how software development is evolving, and demonstrate some of what’s possible with this leading edge set of tools.


1. Understand why “nonprofit software” is now a mostly-obsolete concept
2. What the new age of open, connected, software flexible enough to meet nonprofit needs looks like
3. Real-world demonstrations of production-quality integration between best-of-breed systems like Plone, Salesforce, Salsa/Democracy In Action and Vertical Response.

If you’re planning to be there, our session is April 27, at 1:30pm. Check out session details. Hope you can join us! Slides will be posted online following conference if you can’t make it.

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In lead up to the NTEN NTC conference, you can help understand the nonprofit sector’s use of social media by taking a survey jointly launched by NTEN, Common Knowledge, and ThePort. The results will be launched at the NTEN NTC conference in late April (in San Francisco).

Click here for the survey.

Going to NTEN NTC? Check out the ifPeople+One/Northwest session on an open engagement platform with open source content management plus salesforce.com for the people/relationship database to cover your communications and operations process needs! Read more about session, April 27 at 1:30pm.

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