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plone-logo-no-textOn August 21, Plone 3.3 was released.  As with all releases in the Plone 3.X series, upgrades of your existing Plone site to Plone 3.3 can be done easily.

Should you upgrade your site?

Here is a list of new features available in Plone 3.3.  A number of the changes are “under the hood.”  They make things a little bit easier for developers or integrators, but a standard Plone user might not notice him.  Here are a few things you will notice.

It’s easier to create subsites.

Have you ever wanted to make a folder in your site look like its own site.  You might have folders for different departments in your organization that each need their own theme, navigation, and search.  Setting this up in Plone is easier with version 3.3.  An add-on product called Lineage can help you set this up.

Better document locking.

Do you often find documents on your site that have been locked for days when you know that the user who locked them is no longer editing them?  With Plone 3.3, improvements have been made to document locking and timeouts.  You can also turn off document locking entirely, if you want.

Automatic redirection for link objects.

When an anonymous user clicks on a link object in a Plone 3.3 site, they are automatically redirected to the link target.  They will no longer see the link object come up on the site, and then have to click again to reach the target site.

Fixes for Internet Explorer 8.

Many of the Internet Explorer fixes needed for IE6 and IE7 are no longer needed for IE8.  As a result, Plone would often display sites incorrectly in IE8 because old fixes were being applied.  This has been corrected in Plone 3.3.

Get site events in an iCalendar format.

Plone 3.3 allows you to view site events in an iCalendar format.  This means that you can now subscribe to a site’s events using Google Calendar, Mozilla Sunbird, or any other iCalendar compatible calendar application.

Improved access to content histories.

Have you ever noticed that the Object History box that you can show or hide at the top of a content item doesn’t show the full content history, but only the workflow history?  In Plone 3.3, the history box shows workflow history and versioning history.


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