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I’m at the CMSExpo event in Chicago, IL where over 300 people have gathered to discuss the state of the art in web content publishing and interactivity. I’m looking forward to the next couple of days hanging out with other open source community leaders as we share, train, and debate!

I’m giving a talk later today (1:30pm central) on Plone add-on products. As the talk is done, I wanted to push it out. The idea is to introduce new Plone users to products they can leverage for their website. One key area of interest from last year is the Plone-to-CRM (client relationship management) integration, so I’ve added a section demo’ing the simple parts web-to-salesforce integrations. The audience seems to have some experienced Plone people also, so I also mention (on just one slide) some developer tools.

I’ll check back for any feedback before I give the talk, so please add any comments!

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Thank you to those who attended my session at Plone Conference 2008, and for the feedback. The session was really a covert attempt to form the first Plone ultimate frisbee team (wink). Not a single toss missed or off target. Here are the slides and relevant links:

I don’t think the slideshow is very helpful without commentary, so I may add an audio track in future if there is interest (add a request as a comment).

Team project management tools to consider:

  • Extreme Management, by Zest. Plone-based tool that has support for iterations (sprints), user stories, tasks and the version in trunk has a very slick time booking feature.
  • Cluemapper, by Jazkarta. A layer on top of Trac, helps organize multiple projects. Not much Scrum functionality yet, but if you like Trac, you’ll like its time booking, user and project management enhancements.
  • Agilito by ifPeople. A Django-based Scrum tool that has support for product backlog, team iteration dashboard, burndown chart and a single page view that has all the related elements – attachments, tasks, test cases (acceptance tests).
Agile test tools:
  • Roadrunner will help you achieve TDD with Plone without losing your mind waiting for automated tests to run.
  • There are some other useful tools I have heard of that I will try and get links to. I forget what they are, Jordan Baker (hexsprite on IRC) knows.

I’d like to hear back from more of you on what you liked, what could have been better, and what additional information would be helpful. Leave your feedback as a comment or contact me at gerry AT ifpeople DOT net.

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