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Here are a few highlights of the last PyATL meeting.  As usual, there was a lot of great pythonic information to share:

  • Comparing items of different types.  This is a little bit of interesting Python trivia that Brandon presented in the meeting.  Prior to Python 3.0, you could do a comparison between two objects of different types (e.g. 35.1 < (1, “Brandon”)) and get a Boolean value.  In Python 3, this expression now throws an error, as it should.
  • Grin.  Grin is a tool to replace grep.  It allows you to format regular expressions the python way.  And it has a nicer output.
  • Programming Puzzles.  One presentation focused on how to make learning python more fun.  You can learn python with programming puzzles.  Two places that came up in the presentation:  Project Euler and the Python Challenge.
  • Bottle – a python micro web framework.  It’s great if you have a web framework that is dead simple and needs to be really light weight.
  • Sass and Compass.  Yes, we talked about a Ruby project at our PyATL meeting.  The point is that Compass is a useful tool for web developers building sites with any programming language.  Compass smooths out the process of writing CSS and makes the process more intuitive.  Automatically have cross-browser compatibility built into your style sheets.  That’s the promise!

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This year has gotten off to a great start. Go 2009! I just realized we have 3 Plone events going on this month:

  • Reaching Website Nirvana with Plone, at Atlanta Plone. A warmup for the talk the next night at PyAtl, but with a slightly more Plonista crowd A talk that has been loosely brainstormed with Jon Stahl, and will be in extremely condensed version here…
  • “Why Choose Plone”, at PyAtl, the Atlanta Python group. Will briefly touch on the “why” (who uses it, why is it cool), the what (features) and the how (getting started, what to expect, where are the goods). This is part of kicking off the Plone presence at PyAtl for the year and will be done in tag-team with Josh Kidd of ifPeople.
  • Plone content management refresher, a webinar we are giving for our clients to give them a chance to brush up those content management skills for the new year.

That’s a lot of Plone in a month! Speaking of Plone…did you see that World Plone Day 2009 is already in the works? Mark your calendars for April 22, 2009. Perhaps since it’s also Earth Day in the US, we can drink green beer while Ploning?

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